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Friday, February 5, 2010

more cloth diaper

Let the record show, I love my cloth diapers…they rock!!! I had purchased other diapers off of (great resource for cloth diapering) because I was not sure if I would like the diapers I made myself…in fact I was pretty sure they would flop bad and I would not like them at all. However, I like mine so much better!
I’ve had a several people ask me about the diapers, so here is a little information. It is from a pattern I found online. It is called the Quick Snap Flap Wrap (QSFW).

(i don't put on snaps or velcro, i use a snappi)

The diaper is made up of just two layers of fabric (I use flannel) as opposed to some diapers that use 6 or more. Less layers means that it washes clean easily and dries significantly faster than other diapers. (some of the diapers I bought online simply refuse to dry; they have so many layers). The diaper is folded up to fit the baby, and then it has 6 layers, plus you can put an ‘insert’ in between the folded layers for more absorbency.
I added elastic in between the layers at the 'back' of the diapers, and some for the leg area...helps with 'containment.' (the elastic is pictured in the left pic...the black lines. I simply 'surface-mounted' the elastic for the legs, because the diaper gets folded around that area, so there is no exposed elastic to rub the baby's legs)

A cover goes over the top and voila! Great cloth diaper.

I had a pretty good stash of diapers, but I wanted a little more. So, I bought some flannel sheets at a thrift store (6.50 for two flat sheets, one fitted sheet, one pillowcase, and two t-shirts) and have cut out 24 diapers so far.

I think I still could cut out about 4 more and still have tons of left over scraps to make wipes or inserts.

These diapers rock!
Did you know that good cloth diapers cost any where from 18 to 25 dollars a diaper. Yes, that is per diaper, not dozen. I ven found a diaper that costs 48 bucks!! (sure it is an overnighter, and made out of bamboo, but good grief, charlie brown!) (good cloth diaper brands are FuzziBunz, BumGenius, Happy Heinies, gDiaper, Haute Pocket, Zany Zebra, and Kissaluvs to name a few). They are really good brands and I am sure they work really well…but hey, for about 40 cents a diaper, plus labor…I think I’m doing pretty dern good. way to save money!!


  1. I give you big props for doing this! I am much too lazy. Not too lazy to make them, but to actually do the diapering. The ones you have made are cute!

  2. Thinking of trying the pattern you used. I'm not new to CD but am new to sewing them. Glad you like yours!