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Thursday, February 25, 2010

do it ourself - Sydney's Room

see grandma. see grandma paint. paint, grandma, paint.

Basically, Sydney’s room was an easy fix. I picked out a yellowy-orange color for the big walls and ceiling and a bright pink for the short walls and a window nook.

Nice bright colors. As if Sydney needs anymore stimuli.

Of course, it was easy in theory, but took quite a bit of work from my mom and me. Before my parents came, I mud-ed over several cracks in the plaster. The mud takes 24 hours to dry. Then I had to kilz (prime) the whole room, including the ceiling. Of course, while priming the walls, I found a few more cracks in the wall. Mud, paint the walls around the mud, let the mud dry…kilz and paint the next day.
Her room is so brightly colored. You can see the glow from her room out in the hallway.
To go with her great colored walls, Sydney has several bedspread options.

She also has several options for window coverings. I love this flower on yellow stripe fabric. Wayne’s cousin’s wife, (I know, complicated) Lisa gave me the great fabric and flower to match the quilt she made for Sydney. Super cute. I gotta finish embroidering the leaves and flower…sorry, Lisa, haven’t finished them yet…I know, I am so bad! :-)

Anyway, there are a few more decor items that still need to be put out…but her room is well on it’s way. It looks so great.

this is my favorite part of Sydney's room...this great little cut out window. it is such a beautiful bit of architecture.

i know, i know. the colors are very bright and bold. but you cannot go subtle that carpet.
i like it.

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  1. I can't believe the stuff I made is not bright enough!! LOL! I thought I was being so bold with the colors. I like the other options with the paint colors better. But you could always let her drag the quilt I made for her around- that's what I do with mine!

    That window is absolutely charming. I can see why you switched the rooms.