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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Death of a Clothes Line Post Remover

So, Wayne nearly died trying to remove the clothes line post in our back yard.

It started out simple enough. We have a clothes line post in our back yard...we don't want the clothes line post in our we need to take it out. Simple, right?

Wayne dug and dug and dug. The post would barely wobble. Down, Down, Down, deeper we went but the post was very secure...and long! While it was utterly exhausting, we were having a pretty good time. I took this video clip of Wayne after we had been digging for about 20 minutes.

Not 30 seconds later...wham, Wayne was flat on his back. We were both trying to lift that stinker out of the ground, when Wayne's knee popped out. Wayne has injured his knee before and missed some college because of a impromtu wrestling match (thank you Brice [just kidding]) in the college's gameroom (thank you Rich for egging them on [just kidding]). He literally keeled over and I thought, how
am I supposed to get both him and the kids into the car and drive him to the hospital?

After the initial pain and shock...and several minutes lying in the dirt...we started laughing. Hence the above picture. Here lies Wayne Anderson...the post can be his tomb marker, cross shaped and everything.
Seriously though, he was laying there for several minutes, just kind of resting up his knee. Once I was sure he was better, I kept on digging and then I saw a mom and her son walk by on the sidewalk. I could just imagine what she was thinking. Hello, police? Yeah, I saw this woman digging a hole and some guy lying there dead next to it. ...I know, I can't believe she would try it in broad daylight and everything!
Wayne started to feel better, though sore, so he rolled over and just started digging with his hands...poor guy.

I'm not lying, that same lady walked by again with her son and I could imagine her thoughts again. Oh, thank heavens, that man is not dead. but wait...what she doing!?! That crazy woman is making that poor man dig his own grave now! (what can I say, I am a Fletcher, and all Fletcher's have over active imaginations and can pull the craziest stories out of everyday events).

Anyway, we finally got that bugger out. What an ordeal! That post was literally buried at least four feet down. That is our shovel in the picture below showing how deep the hole is!


  1. LOL!! You are so funny!! I hope Wayne's knee feels better soon. If it's any consolation, he provided me with a good laugh!

  2. How hilarious you are Naomi! I am glad you have such a great imagination to make everyday life seem so exciting!