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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

upstairs bathroom finally complete!

Finally.......we started this project back in February with my parents...and now it is finally done.
Let me tell you, we had the hardest time figuring out how to hang our shower curtain. We literally purchased and returned items for 3 or 4 different methods of putting up the complicated bugger.
It was always fun going to the local home repair stores and trying to explain what we were trying to do and why the various ideas they suggested just would not work.

We ended up getting an extendable closet rod...don't know how we missed that after literally going to Lowe's 20+ times. We needed something to extend the entire length of the bathroom because there is no wall at the foot of the tub, just open air until you hit the wall two feet later.

And, I finally got to do my awesome color-wash...thank you Paula for the idea. Of course, the color looks more intense in camera tends to wash-out the colors. But it looks so sweet!

Kinda like a faux venetian plaster...........ooh...aah!

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  1. Hey Naomi.
    I enjoy reading your posts! :)
    It made me laugh to read about your shower curtain rod. We had a similar problem. Our bathroom is only about 4ft by 8ft, so it's a tight squeeze with a tub, sink and toilet. Anyway, our tub is open on the end, too, and there was no way to put a rod in. I think we went to the stores at least 10 times looking for a solution. We ended up using the bent rod (shaped like an L) that was in the house when we bought it. It's seen better days, but we couldn't find another one like it. If I ever do stumble across it, I'll let you know! :)