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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

just torch it

So I want to take a torch to my kitchen.

It is the one room (ok, one of 3) that we (ok, I) cannot seem to keep or get clean! No matter how many times I think, today is the day!, it still ends up not quite as clean as I would want it.
Yes, this is part of our kitchen counter. Were you confused by the gloves, power sander and plant in the foreground?

I feel like I don't have anytime. Right now? I'm very busy! I'm blogging (obviously), eating an excessively late lunch, putting Sydney back down for her nap (for the second time), and checking the tv to see if there is anything on. (there is not, which by the way is an entire other post waiting to happen...the Retro TV Channel? seriously!?!)

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