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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mastodon bones revisited

I took some better pictures of Lincoln High School, you know, where the mastodon bones are from. (check down a few posts if you dont know what I am talking about.)
The two pillars came from this high school. Apparently one of the adult sons of the previous owner had been on some board at the high school. Some of these pillars were falling off, so he took two home! I am assuming they took all the old ones down and replaced them with newer more modern materials. The school was originally built in 1923...pretty cool, huh?
I took the above (and below) picture myself. Does this not look amazing? Other than the odd post and yellow marker dealies on the field, the lighting is supurb! The sun is setting behind me and it is reflecting in the windows of the school. (the picture looks more amazing in full size, but I felt like bragging a little.)
Here is a close up of the tower part where I am assuming the little pillar guys came from.
looks kinda like Notre Dame or something, doesn't it?
I love Manitowoc, it is so full of historic buildings with amazing architecture.

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