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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

greetings facebookers

i put out a note on facebook mentioning my blog. i am curious to see how many people check this out and hope to renew some connections.
leave a comment and your blog address if you have one!
check out all the great pics of Sydney and be sure to check out the Aug. VeggieTales post, it has a cute video of sydney singing the VeggieTales theme song.


  1. Hello there! Sarah Ussery here! :) I check out your blog when I can and love reading what you have to say! You can check my blog out too if you want.
    Usually just random stuff...
    Hope you are all doing well!

  2. Hey! Beckie Lee reads your blog (BCOM- now Rebecca Lawrence) I love reading up on your family and the goings on! Check us out at:

    I blog a lot usually, lately not so much our daughter was just born last wednesday. Praying everything is going good.