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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Upper Michigan - part 1

We spent some time visiting Wayne's parents in early July. Sydney especially loved their dog, Truman. here they are playing underneath Grandma Anderson's kitchen table.

We visited (Great) Aunt Sandy's place and it had horses...lots of horses. They were all very friendly horses, but Sydney was not too sure about petting any of them.

Sydney got to hang out with her second cousins while we were there. (ok...the whole second cousin/twice removed/first cousin/once removed thing is very confusing....but i think i got it right...i looked it up on was one 'interesting' chart...all i know for sure is that somehow, they are related.) :)
This is Sydney and Kimmy...they were born only 4 days apart!!!

Sydney had a good time....even though this picture may say otherwise. I love this pic we got of sydney..that is just how she is sometimes. She is very good and almost always happy...but she does have a will...and boy is it strong at times. I can just hear her thoughts...I don't want to smile and there is nothing you can do about it.

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