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Friday, August 14, 2009


Ok, so we had our ultrasound today, and I forgot to call the nurse later on to find out the size of the baby (the ultrasound tech can't actually tell you that information). So, I'll have to wait til Monday's appointment to find out. However, at the end when the tech was scanning through the photos to check that she had everything, I was a chart pop up. It looked like a growth chart, with the curved lines marking out your average growth, and slightly above and below average.

Now, I am not sure what the chart was could be pizza consumption for all I know, however, it looked something like this:

(this is NOT my chart, I found it online and it suited my purposes. You will notice the green "X," placed by me to show approximately where I saw the x on the chart at the appointment. While the other x-es are original to this chart, it actually corresponds well to what I saw on my chart.)
Again, since this is NOT my chart and I could not see what was being measured (could have been a chart about stretch marks for all I know), we are not sure what, if anything, this could mean. However, if it was a fetal growth chart...boy are we in for some fun. Big, big baby.
Will let you know on Monday how we are doing!

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