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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

i was scared...but he did sleep

I posted the other day that Elijah had been up pretty much all day and was still awake late at night. That was actually the second day of very awakeness (for Elijah) and tiredness (for mommy). Thankfully, he slept. It took til after midnight, but he did sleep, through the night and the next 24 hours nearly solid! I woke him every 3-4 hours to feed him, but once he was done eating, he was out. whew!
I was worried we were going to have a colicy baby. I even spent an hour of his awake and crying time looking up colic info online. Nearly every website tried to encourage the mommies..."dont worry, colic doesnt last forever. it should go away by the 4th or 6th month at the longest." Am I missing something here? I fail to see the positive side of this, unless your baby is already 3 and 30/31 months old. 4 months is a long time to go without sleep! That seems like it would hardly encourage any one at 3am after 8 hours of crying, dont worry, only 3 more months to go! :)

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  1. AMEN! What good does telling a tired mommy with another child to care for..only 4 MORE months! Sarah told me about gripe water. My sister in laws use it and we're looking into it. Just FYI