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Sunday, September 6, 2009


one of my past pregnancy week-by-week update emails joked about pregnancy being the best reason/excuse to gain 25 pounds. on that thought i would like to point out that delivering the baby is one of the best self-image boosters. no, not the immediate moments or even few days after when your tummy just sags there like...well...a bowl full of jelly.

but, give it a week, and you can likely be able to fit into (if not pre-pregnancy pants) early pregnancy pants.

yes, ladies and gentlemen (do any guys read this? i doubt it) i not only got into, but was able to zip up my prepregnancy jeans! ta-dah! of course, i lost all feeling in my legs when i sat down and the waistline cut off all circulation to my legs, but that is not the point. the jeans were on! :)

it is a great feeling to be very suddenly able to fit into clothes that you have not been able to wear in forever. and on that note, i have got to lose weight. i topped out at a number i hope to never see again on the scale. yes, i know i was pregnant and that you gain weight, but i could not believe how i was and am. i hope to lose 20 pounds by christmas...i hope that by posting on here my efforts every now and then that i can actually accomplish and stick to my weight loss efforts. we'll see what happens.

in the meanwhile...enjoy pictures and updates of our family.

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  1. I waited two weeks before pulling out the pants! Your sooo lucky! I am sick of my sweat pants and can't wait until after our move to go to the Good will and get fitting ones! I hope to loose the rest by Christmas too. Maybe your progress will egg me on. Congratulations on the jeans! (I can't get mine up the thigh!)