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Thursday, September 17, 2009

oh snap

do you know how many snaps are on a 3-6 month sleeper?

pretty close to a ba-gillion (ba-gillion - n. a cardinal number greater than a ka-gillion, but less than ka-zillion). I think this sleeper has 13 snaps, which is just ridiculous when you are trying to snap up the sleeper at 3 am after changing a diaper, but before the baby has been fed and is therefore starving and therefore hungry and therefore crying...loudly. Thankfully, Sydney (and Wayne) sleeps right through it all.

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  1. yeah, i haven't figured out why they put buttons on baby girl dresses or snaps on baby clothes, who ever designs them must not be a parent or spent any time babysitting for infants and changing them, it's bad enough in the middle of the day let alone in the middle of the night.