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Friday, June 25, 2010

Elijah 10 Months

Boy-Wonder had trouble "posing" for his 10 month pictures.

I found what I thought was an interesting backdrop down by the harbor and set him up on top of a half-wall that runs along a sidewalk. But he wouldn't look up.

He was too busy poking the little pock-marks in the concrete.
ooooh, hole.

Then apparently it was too sunny.

We live in Manitowoc, WI on Lake Michigan and there is a large ferry boat that goes from here to Ludington, MI. I thought it would be cool to have that in the background as it came into the harbor. Believe it or not, the boat is right behind Elijah's head. He leaned forward at just the "right moment" and totally blocked the boat.
I shot this photo just a moment later. move your head, little man! :)
where's the boat?
Elijah 10 months...where did the time go?

and Sydney at 10 months...what a peanut

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  1. Elijah is such a lil cutie pie and Sydney is just too adorable! Enjoy your summer!
    - mara