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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

proud wife to a handsome new CSM

Wayne is now the newest Customer Service Manager at WalMart in Manitowoc!


He will be over the cashiers and the service desk. He has a lot more responsibility and areas to cover.

...but the coolest part is that he gets to wear a walkie-talkie. :)

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  1. so love this! Ry was in the AP department at Target, wore a uniform, walkie-talkie, ear pieces, flash light, handcuffs, a phone, a beeper and an emergancy coat for holidays. It was soooo awesome. Now he is in for team lead at Target (we are relocating) so there goes all the cool "police" looking stuff and down to red/khakki~ but at least he gets to keep the walkie-talkie! :) :) : ) It's the simple things I find wonderful! (and keep the kids entertained!)


    .... wait... if Wayne is working for Walmart and my husband for Target.... do we have to fight ?? LOL!!! :) Have an AWESOME DAY!