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Friday, June 25, 2010

i'm losing it

what am I losing!?!


where in the world did June go? I've been looking forward to nicer weather, going for more walks with kiddos and just being summery. and now June is nearly over already!!!

I need to make a better schedule for my day and specifically plan out special trips (to the local zoo or to a fun park) and daily things (both necessary and fun [like cleaning and walks). I think I'm gonna do that after this post.

June is just busy.
Wayne's dad's birthday
Jon & Abby's anniversary
Jon's birthday
Father's Day
Wayne's Birthday
my Mom's Birthday
Eric's birthday
and I am sure there is more that I forgot......but you get the idea.

later today (hopefully) I've got to post Elijah's 10 month pictures...I know he's getting so big!!!

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