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Thursday, November 5, 2009

and...........................................GO!! - part 3

because wayne is transfering, a lot of people seem to have assumed it is into a management or supervisor type position. i feel a little funny telling them it is pretty much teh same job now; but actually is a little bit of a step down (from customer service desk to cashier). while it would seem odd to transfer a whole family just for a cashier job, that is not the whole picture. as i mentioned in part 2, the housing market in manitowoc is so much better than in hartford.
let me give you an example:
in our price range for hartford
2-3 bedroom, 1 bath = 0
in our price range, 20 to 30 minutes away from hartford
2-3 bedroom, 1 bath = 14
BUT - 1 is literally condemned (you are buying the land), several are 55+ condos or trailers, a couple have no where to park (not evena driveway) and the rest would need so much work, we could not afford them

in our price range in manitowoc
3+ bedrooms, 1.5+ bath = 20
in our price range in manitowoc and the next town, just a few miles away = 37

and the manitowoc houses in general are significantly larger with more rooms.

so, there is so much more potential for housing, which is still only a portion of our reason for moving on. we really feel that this is all God's timing and work. I was literally just starting to let go of what i wanted and really letting God take care of our life, when suddenly He is giving us those very things we were too afraid to hope for because it seemed to wonderful for us.

God is just too good for us to comprehend. We are amazed at all that has happened inthe last few days and weeks and are reminded of all that He does for us in our life.


  1. I am so happy for you guys! It sounds like everything is just working out so well for you! I pray that everything goes well with your move!

  2. That's awesome that God has opened up the doors so quickly for you to be able to move. You are in my prayers!

  3. Pretty much super sweet and amazing. Kind of gnarly how God answers prayers...