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Thursday, November 26, 2009

out of the closet???

So, for the past two years we have been living in my parents basement (long story). It is finished off with a small kitchenette, large bedroom and a walk-in closet. Sydney has been sleeping in the walk-in closet; first in her crib then in her toddler bed since June. It has worked out well since she is small and we put most of our clothes in dressers.

Well, at the apartment, she has her own room. The other day I go to check on her during naptime (she is not used to sleeping with any amount of light [no windows in a closet] but there is a window with no curtain in her room) and I did not see her in her bed. After a second of where in the heck could she be?, I found her.
Of course, even Elijah has been sleeping in interesting locations. We had already packed up the crib the night before the move to the apartment, but he still needed to sleep somewhere. Ta-da! Computer chair.

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