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Friday, November 20, 2009

the move to the apartment

Ok, we are less than a month away from moving into our house (inspection on Monday, praying all goes well). But first we must move into an apartment so Wayne can start his new job and while we wait for the sale of the house to be complete. That move is tomorrow...and I am tired already. Moving twice is not fun...and I have not even done it yet!! There is a pile for the house (which is huge) and the cars are full with apartment stuff.
Sydney is handling it all pretty well, but today she was a little frustrated. Almost all her toys are packed up, there is a fun pile of boxes that she cannot touch, and she has about 5 teeth coming in all at once. poor girlie. Elijah, good little lump that he is, is pretty much oblivious...ohh to be 2 months old. :)
Well...we will not have internet for a while, not at the apartment and most likely not at the house for a while. The library has internet, so I hope to blog and check email every once in a while. So, for now, kwa herini (good bye all)!

the plan:
Nov. 21 move to apartment
Nov. 23 house inspection
Dec. 17 closing?
hopefully in house before christmas so we can have our parents over.

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