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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

God's Atomic Clock

So I just wanted to say that God's timing is perfect. There are times in my life when I want all the little cogs in my life's clock to line up just so and to do so when I want. Here's the thing; while, yes, you turn the crown (the dial on the side of a watch used to manually change the display time), you can not actually change the time, only your perception of it. I can do, or not do, many things to try and change the seasons and times in my life, but if it is not God's timing, nothing will truly have been changed. That is not to say we should just wait for things to 'just happen' to us, but that we can have peace and security in hectic times.
While trying to remain calm, we were still going a little crazy trying to understand all the when's, who's, and how much'es (?)[ :P ] of buying a house and even life in general. And, even in all of this mess, God is good and His love for his crazy, stressed out children endures.

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