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Sunday, November 8, 2009

and...........................................GO!! - part 4

just a quick recap - as of friday, nov 6, our offer on a house in manitowoc was accepted, but there was another offer ahead of us, so we were in second place.
well, yesterday evening, saturday, nov 7, our realitor gave me a call and told me the the other people's financing was not working out and that they would be withdrawing their offer! so, then we will become the primary!!! now, it not quite official yet, there is some paperwork that the buyer and seller need to sign to release the buyer from the offer, and then the real estate agency needs to give them back their ernest money, and then we will become the primary offer and it seems we have a house!
once we are the primary, there is still the home inspection. please pray that the home inspection goes well; it is an older house.
we will keep you posted

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