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Thursday, November 5, 2009


I have got so much to write, but I want to catch your attention first.
We are moving!
Now that I've got you... it has been an interesting week. If you would have told me a week ago all that we would go through I would not have believed it. It goes something like this:
Thurs. Oct. 29 - Wayne gets call from Manitowoc WalMart. Are you interested in transfering? Wow, YES! Ok, we will put the transfer into the computer. Wait, I would like to be able to talk it over with my wife. Ok, but we need to know by tomorrow. Uhh...sure.
We have a quick, excited, and somewhat hectic night thinking things through.
Fri. Oct. 30 - We say yes. They want him to start next Sat., Nov. 7th. Uhh...sure. Frantic planning again. Where do we live? We could get a house, we could rent an apartment, will we be able to get either fast enough? We call our old apartment complex, there are a few 2 bedrooms available. (we lived in manitowoc before moving here to hartford). Ok. That is an option. We call our will this work to find a house too far away for her to show us? (we had been looking for housing around Hartford, but were unable to find anything, which led to our moving to manitowoc. i'll try to write about that in a separate blog...otherwise this will be really long). Our realitor will recommend someone to us. We look online and find 5 houses we want to see on Tues. Nov. 3, Wayne's next full day off.
Sat. Oct. 31 - By today, I have packed up a good chuck of our house. The plans have changed hourly...Wayne move up Nov. 7 to apartment by himself with bare basics, we (kids and I) will join in a week with the rest of the stuff; Wayne move up Nov. 7, we will wait until we can find out more about the market and maybe buy a house; Wayne move in with old friends from church and on and on and on. My mind is starting to simmer.
Sun. Nov. 1 - We announce to the church that this will be our last sunday, we will be moving. We feel especially bad for Wayne's sunday school class. Wayne has been teaching adult sunday school and is currently teaching Ephesians. He will have to leave his class hanging in the middle of the book.
Mon. Nov. 2 - The Manitowoc WalMart has completed everything fo tthe transfer and is just awaiting confirmation from Hartford's Store Manager. After Wayne talks with him, we get wayne's start date pushed back two weeks. We are now moving Nov. 21, but still have no place to live.
Tues. Nov. 3 - we head to Manitowoc to meet our new realitor, see some houses and get our apartment lined up. We see 6 houses. All of them are a bust. except one. it is an older victorian house, the price is right, the neighborhood is good, we like this house. but it has an accepted offer. our realitor explains to us that we can still put in an offer, that way if the first offter falls through, we are ready and 'in line next.' we head home to think about it. (manitowoc is an hour and a half away from hartford)
Wed. Nov. 4 - after staying awake until 1:30 this morning thinking about the house, we decide to put an offer in. i call our realitor and leave her a message. she calls back and said she was going to call us and suggest that if we like the house to put an offer on it, so she was glad we called. we end up getting permision for wayne to be late to work and drive back up to manitowoc, look over the house one more time (my dad came along as well to give us his input), and we put an offer on the house.
Thurs. Nov. 5 - our offer was accepted today! of course since there is already an offer, all that means is that we are second place. but we are OFFICALLY SECOND PLACE! :)

So, in a week, we got a new job, are moving, arranged for an apartment, and put an offer on a hosue! whew, i am exhausted. i have literally dreamed about housing and moving all week long.

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