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Monday, November 23, 2009

home inspection

So, we just got back from our house inspection...and it went pretty good. There were a few little problems, most of which we had anticipated, but no major issues. Still, it adds up fast. I enjoyed watching HGTV at my parents house (a lot) and I was always amazed at these people who would inevitably buy a house that is over their budget, have some fixes that had to be done to the house and remodel the place too! We aren't that crazy/financially astute/ambitious/reckless...take your pick. :) Hopefully we will find out more from our realtor tomorrow about who pays for what and maybe narrow in on our closing date.
Praise the Lord! We are feeling pretty excited about this house, and can't believe how well everything is falling into place. It is almost too good to hope for, we fell truly blessed.

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